10 Ways to Live A Longer, Healthier Life

Regardless of your age, you have the ability to extend your life expectancy. There are several variables that influence how long you will, and by gaining control of them, you can make sure that the quality of your life will be better than usual in later years. You can do a number of things in order to live longer, with the most basic one being administering medications using pill reminder app.

No matter how old you are, several studies have shown that it’s never too late to start healthy habits. Steps you can take to make life more fulfilling include:

Quit Smoking

According to studies, people who smoke regularly during their adult life die about 10 years earlier than those who don’t smoke. This is because cigarettes contain hundreds of toxic chemicals, and by smoking cigarettes, the possibility of dying sooner becomes higher.

To live a longer, healthy life, you must be a nonsmoker – or if you are a smoker, try quitting it immediately. Remember that smoking can cause heart diseases, chronic lung problems, stroke, and other serious health issues. It may contribute to memory loss as well.

Therefore, by quitting smoking, you eliminate the risk of various grave health problems and thus add more years to your life.

Socialize More

Socializing is another great way to increase your life expectancy. People who socialize more have low-stress levels and strong immunity which ultimately improves their quality of life.

Your relationships determine your quality of life, too. While good relationships will keep you strong and happy, the bad ones will increase your stress and leave you in a negative frame of mind, causing you to feel depressed all the time.

It’s true that depressed individuals find it hard to socialize, but there are ways to re-engage with friends/family or meet new people, such as by volunteering or reaching out to others with similar interests and hobbies.

Eat Well

Adding fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood, and low-fat food also contributes to a longer life. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and help prevent various diseases.

While consuming the aforementioned foods is good for health, there is one type you should avoid: processed food. Eating processed foods can be extremely dangerous for health because it contains higher amounts of sodium, saturated fat, sugar, and a lower amount of fibers. All of this can lead to severe health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Therefore, try avoiding processed food as much as possible.

Some good examples of processed food include cheese, tinned vegetables, savory snacks, sausage, ham, and salami.

Exercise Frequently

Frequent exercise is a great way to live a healthier and longer life. People who exercise regularly can easily outlive those who don’t exercise by about five to seven years.

There are different types of exercise routines you can choose from. The simplest one is ‘walking’ which not only strengthens your bones but helps you lose weight as well. For those looking to add some strength to heart, the aerobic exercise would be more suitable.

Doing 30 minutes of activity on 3-5 days should be enough to keep you in shape.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep reduces stress and increases your energy levels for the day ahead. Sleep for at least 6-8 hours per night as it will not only repair your body tissues but also strengthen your immune system.

If you struggle to fall asleep quickly, there are several measures that can help such as keeping your bedroom dark, removing distractions, and keeping the temperature cool.

Meditation exercises can also help you achieve quick, peaceful sleep at night.

If you live in a noisy area, try listening to relaxing music to dull the noise. If problem still persists, see your doctor for further help.

Stop Stressing

Stress has several negative effects on the body and can shorten your life. By reducing stress, you can improve the quality of your life and live longer.

Writing a diary or spending time in nature are some of the best ways to reduce stress. Meditation is another excellent technique to get rid of tension and anxiety. The best thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere — even at your desk — and takes just a few minutes to refresh your mind.​

Avoid Excessive Drinking of Alcohol

While some studies say that moderate alcohol consumption contributes to a longer life, it certainly has its downsides. Apart from health problems caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, it is one of the major reasons for weight gain among individuals around the world. If you are someone who likes alcohol, simply make sure you use it with caution.

Take Vitamin D

Doctors say that taking vitamin D using medication reminder app on a regular basis may add up to 5 years to your life. This is because it reduces the rate at which some of our chromosomes shorten with growing age. The best source of vitamin D is sunshine, so try spending at least 20 minutes in sunlight regularly.

In terms of diet, fortified cereals, shiitake mushrooms, salmon and tuna fish are excellent vitamin D carriers.

You can consult with your specialist about getting vitamin D supplements if you think you’re low.

Floss Your Teeth

Flossing teeth regularly removes bacteria that may otherwise cause inflammation in your gums. That inflammation then goes on to increase your blood pressure and puts you at risk for developing heart disease, suffering stroke, or damaging brain tissues.

Get Regular Checkups

Getting regular check-ups using medication management app can help identify potential health issues early. The earlier a condition is identified and treated, the healthier you’ll be.