Everything You Need Know About Pill Reminder App

Are you using medicines such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) pills, or supplements? If yes, then we are sure that regardless of the quantity of medication, you find it difficult to keep track of what time you took it and what time you are supposed to take the next one. In case you are missing dosages or are having difficulties keeping up with your prescription schedule, our daily pill reminder app is definitely the best solution available. Luckily for you, it comes in the form of free and simple to-use mobile app.

The most important part to remember while taking medicines is that they should be taken regularly and on time for them to work best – and this application will help you with both.

Remember that a major cause of deaths in patients is neglecting their healthcare specialists’ advice which is known as prescription nonadherence. Nearly 125,000 patients pass away each year because of this. The primary reasons behind prescription nonadherence are high medicine costs, fear of side effects, drug abuse, not knowing how long the medicine should be used to get desired results, or forgetting to take medication on time. The pill reminder app effectively addresses this issue by reminding patients to take medication on time and help them avoid the breaks.

App Highlights

Numerous users are utilizing this product around the world to be able to use prescription drugs on time. Besides, it permits to share results effortlessly with specialists so that they can track results quickly and more efficiently. With the pill tracker app, you will never miss out on medications, vitamins, and supplements again. It reminds you to take pills on time and includes the following highlights:

  • Easy to find and enter medicine names
  • Easy to enter dosage times
  • Notification alerts when it’s time to take the dosage
  • Trackable and shareable user medication details
  • Encryption and other security techniques to keep your health information protected
  • Easy to function reminders
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reminder lists where you can see “what’s ahead on your schedule?”

What is The Aim of This App?

The app aims to:

  • Provide improved adherence to medications
  • Give users with an advanced reminder app with customizable features for higher adherence
  • Help patients follow their medication schedule
  • To provide users with higher medication knowledge

Medication Reminder App – What Does This App Do?

The app comprises 4 major sections: Medication Reminder, New Measurements, Doctor Visit, Vaccine Reminders. Here’s what each section does:

  • Medical Reminder: This is a simple section which allows you to manage numerous medications. It helps you keep track of prescriptions and gives alerts when it’s time to take the dosage.
  • New Measurements: In this section, you can store your blood pressure, sugar, and other health-related measurements. The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to create a timeline of your health variations through which you can easily determine the health  progress made over the course of weeks, months, and years.
  • Doctor Visit: This section is particularly useful for the patients who need to regularly visit the doctor. Here you set reminders on all your upcoming daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly visits. The benefit of this feature is that when the life gets busy and you forget to visit the healthcare specialist, a quick alert from this app will help you stay fit and healthy by reminding you about the visit.
  • Vaccine Reminders: Preventing your kids from illness requires on-time vaccination. With that in mind, we have particularly added this feature to the app. It also carries built-in templates created with great care to guarantee that your kids are protected from illnesses to which they are most vulnerable. Over the years, it has become overly difficult for parents to keep track of vaccination programs. With this service, we hope to make it a bit easy by reminding you to take your child to the pediatrician’s office for shots.

How Will This App Benefit Me?

This app will track all your medications, doctor visits, blood pressure/sugar level and send alerts when it is time to take a pill.

This is exactly what you were looking for right? Well, we have done and delivered it.

The first step to using this app is to enter your prescription info. You can enter multiple doses into the app, creating a list of medications with a suitable schedule.

Here let’s take a look at the number of benefits the app has to offer:

  • The flexibility to customize schedule for each medication as per your needs
  • The ability to create an accurate schedule that you can easily edit later on
  • Simple alerts on phone to remind you about the medicine. Often it happens that patients get distracted by the busy life and may forget to take their medication. When that happens, this app comes useful and you won’t be forgetting to take dosages any more.
  • It also ensures that you don’t end up taking wrong meds or skip dosages. The best part about this app is that the users do not have to figure out anything as the app does it all for them. All they need to do is take their medication after receiving the alerts.
  • This app is very easy to use thanks to its simple functionality that takes away any difficulty that users could potentially face.
  • The customization feature allows you to set alerts in a way that is most favorable for you. Like users can set it up to send notifications when its time to take the prescription. You can even tell the app that you took the pill already, or that you want it to remind you again later. The fact that the medicine taking app can track all your makes medication activity makes it easier to monitor your health progress and help the doctor determine how well you are doing.