How to Use Pill Reminder App?

Modern lives have become a lot busier due to which those suffering from single or multiple diseases struggle to keep up with their medication schedules. The stress that comes with modern lifestyle either causes patients to miss dosages or take them in wrong amount. This can be extremely dangerous, particularly for those using opioid medications as they can be addictive and fatal if taken in wrong amount. Similarly, skipping these medications can be equally damaging and may result in hospitalization. But there is one way to reduce these worries: technology. We are living in the age of smartphones and our savvy developers have provided patients with an effective solution in the form of Pill Reminder App. Not only does it help improve medication adherence but is also available on both Android and IOS platforms for free.

Though perfect for all age groups, this app is ideal for older patients as they tend to be more forgetful than relatively younger individuals. This app lets you set reminders on various doses with their routine and frequency. It also offers many awesome features including monitoring of medication intake, various health readings, vaccination reminders and more.

Additionally, you can store treatment record and generate weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to help your specialist to monitor your progress. App’s primary features include Medication Reminder, New Measurements, Doctor Visit, Vaccine Reminders. Here’s how to use these features.


This is the app’s most important section! Here you can manage all your doses by setting reminders. This feature helps you avoid missing doses and improves your medication adherence by sending reminders in the form of notifications.

Here’s how you can use this feature:

  • First choose the type of medication you are taking i.e. pills, syrups, or syringes.
  • Next you will need to set reminders on them. The reminders can be set based on how you use medications – collectively or separately?
  • You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reminders.

Another great feature of Medical Reminder is Inventory Setting. To use this feature:

  • Enter the number of medications left in your medical box.
  • Then tell the app to send an alert when you are left with a specific amount of medication. For example, if you have 10 pills remaining and want to be reminded when only 2 are left, enter 2 in ‘Remind me when I’m left with’ box. Once you get to that count, the app will notify that you are running out of medication.


In this section, you can measure and store various health readings including blood pressure, heartbeat rate, sugar level, etc.

Here’s how you can use New Measurements:

  • Take readings of your condition using an apparatus
  • Enter those reading into the app
  • You can enter multiple values of the same disease
  • Taking several readings after specific intervals will give you a clear idea of whether your condition is improving or declining
  • The section contains a Measurement Chart with standard measurements of each health problem and compares those measurements with new readings to see what kind of progress is being made.

Let us illustrate this with an example. We all know that the standard blood pressure reading is 120/80. So, if you are blood pressure patient and enter your readings on daily basis, then the measurement chart being formed will compare your readings with standard blood pressure readings to see whether your condition is improving – and if not, whether you will need immediate medical assistance or not. Using these charts and timelines, your specialist can easily determine the appropriate type of treatment for the condition.


If you regularly visit your specialist, this is feature is going to be of great use to you. Using this feature, you can set reminders on your upcoming doctor visits.

To use this feature of pill tracker app, you must:

  • Add the doctor by his name, phone number, clinic name, and specialization, he will be added to the database.
  • Enter date and time of the visit.
  • You can also audio record the entire conversation with specialist by tapping on Record Audio
  • Important Note is another cool feature of this section which lets you take written notes of your doctor’s instructions.

When life gets busy and you forget to visit your doctor, a quick alert from this section will help you stay fit.


Vaccine Reminders section helps with your kid’s timely vaccination. This section makes things easier for parents with busy lives as they often struggle to keep up with their kids’ vaccination schedules.

The section has two main features:

  • Active Vaccines
  • Schedule Vaccines

To use Active Vaccines section:

  • Create a list of vaccines that your kid is currently taking.
  • Use built-in templates for infections like measles, polio, severe hack, and others.
  • Set vaccine reminders to help with your kid’s timely immunizations.

If the built-in templates don’t work for your schedule, you can create personalized ones as well.

To use Schedule Vaccine section, you will need to set reminders on vaccines that your kid is not currently taking but will likely do in next few months.

So that’s the end of how to use medication reminder app guide. We hope that all these cool features will help to improve your medical adherence and minimize the possibility of forgetting doses in this crazy-busy world.