Taking ADHD Stimulants Could Be Risky for Students

Taking ADHD Stimulants Could Be Risky for Students

Many college students take stimulant medications to manage their concentration problems and to improve grades.  A typical reason students do this is because they have procrastinated the entire semester and will need to pull all-nighters during finals. Even the kids who don’t have ADHD take these medications with/without pill reminder app to enhance their performance. Also known as study drugs or smart drugs, their abuse isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

A 2015 study claims that the abuse of stimulant drugs among students is an alarming issue and that the rate of stimulant abuse among students is growing each year.

The following year, another study was conducted on students who took stimulants. They spoke candidly about taking ADHD drugs to help with their grades, stating that it’s becoming a norm in various social circles. The students even seemed to advocate the benefits of taking ADHD meds; saying that Adderall was the easiest solution to improve their poor grades.

According to healthcare specialists, this is unfortunate. It symbolizes a bigger issue in a society in which kids and adults haven’t figured out how to rely on their natural abilities. Instead of asking “What should we take to deal with stress?” The teens should be asking themselves, “How can we deal with the stress in a natural, healthy way?”


The risk with Adderall abuse is different than that with opioids. While opioids draw a lot of public attention, it’s vital for parents to be similarly aware that Adderall abuse is prevailing and growing in teens.

Health specialists explain that individuals who misuse ADHD stimulants may likewise swing to other medications to balance the impacts of ADHD drugs. For instance, some stimulants make it harder to fall asleep, so a student could turn to Valium which can produce extreme highs and lows – destroying the health of the abuser.

Using a stimulant to counter the effects of another is an indication that addiction is on the way.

Stimulant abuse is considered risky because somebody is taking a profoundly controlled, addictive substance without the help of medication reminder app and the supervision from a healthcare expert.

Many students admit taking Adderall a couple of times a week from friends who had prescriptions. However, the desire of feeling “more high-functioning” and to improve grades makes them continue the habit with more frequency, resulting in substance addiction.

Students regularly take 80 milligrams of Adderall, which is more than 10 milligrams as recommended by Harvard Health Services. They say they were able to receive a prescription without even having ADHD. All they needed to do was pretend that they had attention deficit issues and the specialists prescribed them Adderall without doing detailed checkups.

Remember that occasional use of the substance doesn’t cause addiction or serious health consequences. These conditions only occur when a person does this more and more frequently.

Mental Health Risks

The original purpose of ADHD stimulants is to build dopamine in the brain – a chemical that people with ADHD have less of. Individuals taking more than the recommended portion grow high amounts of dopamine, which can create schizophrenic symptoms, including hallucinations and a creeping sensation in the skin, known as “formication.”

What Parents Should Do

Parents should educate themselves, talk with their kids and tell them about risks of Adderall abuse in a healthy way.

Also, we as a society need to put less pressure on our children to perform well in school/college/university. It’s our responsibility to not drive children to the point where they feel the need to take Adderall.

Besides, it’s important to identify and deal with underlying issues. A common reason could be spending more hours in studies instead of with friends. Let your kids go out to have fun, and create a comfortable environment at home to prevent them from developing a drug addiction.

Adderall Abuse Side Effects

When used under a physician’s guidance and with the help of pill tracker app, it has positive effects on health. It improves your attention deficit issues by increasing norepinephrine and dopamine chemicals in the brain. These two chemicals boost alertness and energy levels in a person.

Adderall also helps maintain a balanced heart rate and blood flow – making you feel all energized and invigorated.

However, when not taken properly, it can have several side effects including:

  • Appetite suppression and unhealthy weight loss
  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Heart palpitations
  • Irritability/hostility
  • Decreased inhibitions
  • Potentially dangerous cardiac issues
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Disrupted heart rhythm
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Tremors/twitching
  • Paranoia

Social Morals

Social morals are another factor when it comes stimulant prescriptions.

Health experts say that social morals are a big worry. And they shouldn’t be the reason someone abuses prescriptions. Medications should only be used for their intended use. Addiction only happens when they are used for non-recommended purposes.

Additionally, taking these drugs for other than their original propose is illegal. You can be charged for ownership, selling to others or may even face manslaughter charges should the individual it was sold to – who shouldn’t take it – harms himself and dies.

Moreover, abusing ADHD stimulants makes it harder for individuals with legitimate needs to get the meds.

Remember that ADHD stimulants are just a tool to help you get things done easily. Though it may make you feel happier initially, it isn’t really a decent way to live. All you will get from Adderall is a false sense of self-esteem that quickly makes you feel like a superhuman. Besides, it only enhances your motivation, not your physical or mental abilities. As soon as the effect goes away, you will be filled with depression and negative thoughts.