Top Arguments from Parents against Vaccines

Parental refusal of immunizations is a big concern for health specialists as it increases the possibility of catching contagious infections in children. Various studies have explored the reasons for which parents are reluctant to inoculate their children. One of the reasons is busy lives due to which parents struggle to follow vaccine schedules. For such parents, a pill reminder app is the best solution as they’ll get notified at the set time and date.

To learn about other common arguments, read on.

Vaccines Cause Autism

“Antibodies Cause Autism.”

We are really not going to talk much about it because this myth has been debunked time and time again. Virtually every study from the past 3 decades has shown that there is no connection between immunizations and autism. It was a serious concern in the mid-90s, but we have 30 years of proof demonstrating that there is absolutely no way between vaccines and autism.

Vaccines do not cause autism. All reliable studies have shown this for decades.

Not Much Research

Another argument parents use to justify their reluctance is lack of research on vaccines. They say that not much research has been done to prove vaccines are safe. They believe so because their “personal researches” showed immunizations to be basically a poison.

It’s an odd argument to make, but parents use it all the time.

This is just a lie told by vaccine deniers to frighten the parents. Antibodies are one of the well-researched medical inventions ever. The huge data from a huge number of kids over the world proves they’re safe to use. There has been more research on antibodies than any other type of medication.

All the research that has been done proves that antibodies are safe and effective.

Vaccines are Very Expensive

Vaccines are very expensive.

Is it true? No, it’s not.

Vaccines aren’t expensive by any means. Take the severe cough vaccines – 3 dosages cost around 100 USD. This seems a lot but in fact, it’s not. Because the cost of a single severe cough case can easily take thousands of USD out of your pocket if it requires critical treatment.

If anything, antibodies are really cost saving. This means that for each dollar you spend on immunizations, you get around seven dollars back because you prevent yourself and people around you from catching this contagious infection which can sometimes be fatal as well. In fact, if you look from another angle, it would be more profitable for the health industry to not immunize because diseases are generally more expensive than vaccinations.

It’s Difficult to Follow Vaccine Schedules

The vaccine schedule is spread across several years – mainly 6. So, keeping track of every single appointment can be extremely difficult for parents. But this is really not an excuse because there are several apps that can do this job for you. Just download a medication reminder app and you will no more have to worry about keeping track of appointments.

The Governments are Lying

The governments are lying. This is one of our favorite things to hear since it is very simple to disapprove. Every time someone brings this up, our reaction is… so what? Let’s suppose that governments are lying, which they’re not, what about all the studies done by private organizations? And the healthcare professionals? They’re devoted and genuine individuals working towards a healthy society.

The simple truth is that people who focus on governments ignore one clear truth: their government isn’t the only one on the planet. The governments of UK, Australia China, France, Japan are all pro vaccines.

So, either there’s a worldwide conspiracy, which is a bit unlikely, or vaccination is really a useful thing regardless of all the misleading information.

You Can’t Sue Vaccine Manufacturers in Case of Side Effects

Another argument parents give is that if a vaccine turns out bad, they can’t sue the manufacturers. This is a massive lie. You can sue whoever you want. The governments around the world make it very easy to get compensations for kids who suffered negative vaccine effects. If you can prove that an antibody harmed your kid’s health, there is a simple method for gaining compensation in the US.

In Australia, everything you do can be sued in common courts.

Besides the US and Australia, there are hundreds of other countries that allow people to sue anyone anytime. So, saying that “vaccine makers can’t be sued” is completely false.

Vaccines cause Sickness

Vaccine sickness is common.

They make people sick.

And the most common of all: forget the government conspiracies, vaccines are the real evil. More people are getting sicker every day, and it’s all down to antibodies.

But just like everything, there are two sides to this story.

Firstly, vaccines are not causing sickness – not even a little bit. In fact, life expectancy now is higher than ever. And it’s constantly moving upwards, with some studies suggesting that soon we will live beyond the age of 100. Not only that, the infant mortality is at record lows and is quickly heading downwards.

The best part is that this isn’t only valid for developed countries — the world as a whole is becoming safer, thanks to advancements in vaccinations.

Secondly, antibody damage is a well-researched field. The rate of side effects related to immunizations is extremely low. Roughly 1 major illness is reported per million vaccinations. So, saying that vaccines make a lot of people sick is a bit of exaggeration don’t you think?


So that’s pretty much it. These are the common arguments that parents use to justify their reluctance to vaccinate kids. But these are all false assumptions. Vaccines are completely safe and should always be taken in time. If schedule management is a problem, just use a vaccine reminder app and this won’t be an issue anymore. Remember that your kid’s health should be your priority because it’s good for society.