What Are The Best Ways To Get Your Kid To Take Medication?

Having a sick child is already challenging enough, and if they refuse to take medication, it can become even more difficult. But thankfully, there is so much information available on the internet that getting a child to take medicines with the help of pill reminder app is not a problem anymore. Here we will discuss some of the most effective ways to help medications go down. Just be sure to consult with your child’s doctor before trying something.


Giving liquid medicine to children can be a massive trial for parents, but following these tips will increase your chances of success.

Give Your Child Something Flavory Beforehand

Many parents prefer to give their children something tasty after the medication has been taken. And this is an excellent idea because swallowing something your child likes can remove a medicine’s bad taste. However, it doesn’t wash away the taste of the medicine while the child is taking it, which is the bigger issue.

To reduce the intensity of a medicine’s bad taste, give your child something flavorful before giving the medicine. Something like chocolate milk or honey will be great for masking some of medicine’s bad flavor.

Chill Medications Properly

The taste of things enhances when they are cold. Think of honey, coconut water, chocolate milk; they all taste better when chilled properly. Same is the case with medicines. Keeping them in refrigerator or getting them chilled properly ensures that their taste feels as good as possible.

In addition to cooling down medications, making your child’s taste buds cold by having him suck on ice is also a great way to dull the bad taste of medication.

Mix Medications with Food or Drink

This is common advice for kids to take liquid medications using medicine reminder app with ease. But there are a few things you should know before mixing medications with food or drink.

First, there are certain food/medication combos that can influence the effect of the medication. You must find out which foods will affect your child’s medication by asking your pharmacist.

Next, you’ve got to make sure that the mixture tastes well. The bad flavored mixture will defeat the purpose of this whole thing.

A common medicine mixer is ice cream as it comes in many flavors. Strawberry, cherry, and vanilla are the most famous among kids.

The benefit of mixing medicine with ice cream is that it improves the taste of medication by chilling it and cooling off taste buds. However, there is also one downside of food/medication combos — your child must consume the whole of the mixture. Taking only part of the mixture could mean that the entire dose was not taken — and this could end up worsening the condition the child is suffering from.


Giving eye drops to kids can be one hell of a difficult task for parents. That’s why we have outlined these tips to makes parents’ lives a bit easier:

  • Cold eye drops will give your child a stinging feeling when they hit the eye. Therefore, you should warm the bottle for a minute or two before applying the drops.
  • To administer eyedrops properly, you must have them land right on the eye. But this can only be done with the first drop because after that, your child will know what’s coming. If you are struggling to get the drops in perfectly because the child keeps on moving, then try to lie him down on his back and land a couple of drops down at the eye’s inner corner – the one closer to the nose. When he opens his eyes, part of the drops will run in and get to the right spot.
  • Another approach is to put eyedrops in when your child is asleep. Similar to the previous tip, you will need to put drops in the eye’s inner corner and the lower eyelid. The drop will then run in and get to where they need to be.


Many parents prefer pills over other medication types for their children. After all, swallowing pills is a lot easier than taking liquid medications or using eye drops. The best things about pills is that even if they taste bad, your kid won’t feel it for long because within 1-2 seconds, it will wash away. Still, not all kids find it easy to take pills. If your child is one of them, follow these tips to help him take pills more easily:

Teach Your Kid How to Swallow Pills

Tell your child to put a pill on his tongue and to take a sip from his favorite drink. Next, tell him to swish his tongue around to make the pill float in the liquid in his mouth. Once the pill starts to float, swallow it with the drink.

This trick keeps the pill from getting stuck on the tongue and allows easy swallowing of the dose.

Use A Thick Drink

If your child is still disgusted by the taste of pill, use a thick, flavory drink instead of water to make it go away. Chocolate milk will work as well.

Mix the Pill with Food

If mixing a pill with a liquid isn’t an option, try mixing it with something like yogurt, applesauce, cereal, etc.

Don’t know how to mix pills with food?

Remember that most pills can be crushed and capsules can be opened to mix their content with food. Some capsules and pills, however, are meant to be taken as whole using free medication management app. Consult with your doctor to see what will be best for the child.